3D Model Troubleshooting Guide

Issues and Solutions for importing and exporting OBJ and FBX 3D models

Please follow the following 3D Asset Pipeline guides:

Optimizing 3D Models for AR/VR

Animating 3D Characters for AR/VR

Exporting PBR Textured 3D Models for AR/VR

My model isn't showing up in my scene

It's a good idea to verify the model appears correctly in FBX Review before using the export tool.

Is the scale of your model very large? You might be in the middle of the model, but due to backface culling, it may seem like it never loaded.

Did you add lighting to your scene? Please reference this Lighting and Materials guide.

Character does not animate

It's a good idea to bake keys before exporting to .FBX in your 3D application.


Make sure there only 4 Max influences per vertex when binding your skin to your skeletal rig.

Model looks flat

Did you set up scene lights? Check out our Lighting and Materials guide.

Model is white/no textures

Models appearing white is an indication that textures may not be assigned properly. Double check the textures are properly assigned to the model. Import the model into FBX Review or your 3D modeling app to verify the model is displaying correctly with all its textures linked and assigned properly before using the Viro export tool.

If using an .OBJ w/ non-PBR materials, a .MTL should be used.

Do you support this 3D model format?

Currently Viro's exporter tool supports .FBX and .OBJ. Please export your model into either of the supported formats before using the exporter tool.

What's the polycount limit?

There isn't a set poly-limit for Viro, as a number of other factors in the same scene may effect framerate performance. But, we recommend being as efficient as possible. We've tested a million-poly model with acceptable framerates, but it quickly dropped after adding additional objects.

How do I properly export my 3D model to .FBX using...

Maya 2015 and above
Use the Game Exporter utility found under File > Game Exporter. Please use our guide here for proper settings.

3D Studio Max 2016 Ext 1 and above
Use the Game Exporter utility found under Application menu > Export > Game Exporter. The options are similar to Maya, so you can follow our guide here.

We recommend using another 3D modeling package such as Maya or 3D Studio Max to export your model as it does not export textures along with the mesh.

If you still prefer to use Blender for exporting to FBX, you can manually assign texture information using the Autodesk FBX Converter utility. But, the tool has not been supported since 2013 so you may run into compatibility issues.

You can also export to OBJ (for non-animated objects) and assign the textures through code.