AR (iOS)

  1. OSX computer or Linux computer
  2. iOS Device with A9 chip or higher and running iOS 11 or higher.

AR (Android)

  1. OSX/Linux computer
  2. An ARCore supported device
    1. ARCore has a 64 bit requirement.


  1. OSX or Linux computer
  2. Recent Android or iOS Device (Android requirements: Android 5.0+ w/ gyroscope support and OpenGl ES 3.0, iOS requirements: iOS 9.0+)
  3. Cardboard headset (you can find some QR codes here)

1. Install Dependencies - Homebrew, Node and Watchman

Our recommended way of installing the dependencies on OSX is to use Homebrew, but you can use whatever you want as long as both node and watchman are installed and in your PATH.

Install Homebrew by following the instructions here

Install Watchman by following the instructions here. You can install it quickly using homebrew by doing brew install watchman

We recommend installing NodeJS by following the instructions using nvm here. You can also install Node by doing brew install node