Developing Viro Locally

Developing with ReactVision/viro Locally

1. Set up ReactVision/viro

1.1. Clone ReactVision/viro repo

git clone

1.2. Install dependencies

cd viro
npm install

2. Set up the Starter Kit

2.1. Clone the starter kit

gh repo clone ReactVision/starter-kit

2.2. Install dependencies

cd starter-kit
npm install

3. (optional) Make changes viro

Make changes to the viro folder to fix a bug, add something new, etc.

4. Build viro

Ensure that your typescript compiles by running the build command.

# from viro/
npm run build

5. Run the "" script

This script will create a tarball of the files and binaries needed in the viro folder for the dependency to work correctly.

# from viro/

You should have a tarball in the viro folder called reactvision-react-viro-<package.json version>.tgz.

6. Install the tarball

cd starter-kit
npm install ../viro/reactvision-react-viro-<package.json version>.tgz

7. Build the starter kit


If developing on ios, run pod install in the ios folder and then run the starter kit from xCode.


If developing on android, run npm run android with a device connected.